Unlock new level of confidence with our Virginity bundles sets

Our bundles are designed to bring you the curated experience of being a virgin.

The Relive and Revive bundles have been carefully designed to enable you to experience being a virgin again. BeVirgin respects women from all walks of life. No matter your circumstances, we are here to help you resolve this challenge in the best possible way and become a happier and more positive individual.

The best Artificial Hymen kits and Vagina tightening products

The Hymenoplasty plastic surgery procedure to repair the hymen is not a guaranteed success and may require multiple attempts, making it very inconvenient and cost prohibitive to many women. In addition, many surgeons often refuse to perform this procedure because of ethical issues, making the process impractical. We have created the best-of-breed products that are affordable and easy to apply in the convenience of your home without the health risks of an operation.

the Best bundles for restoring the physical and emotional sense of virginity

At BeVirgin we have created an education platform and products which enables to restore both the mental sense and the physical attributes of virginity for a complete peace of mind during and after the wedding event. Our products perfectly simulate the sensation of having intact hymen combined with a natural blood color dye to provide the visual effect. Our product bundles are carefully designed to ensure multiple layers of virginity effects so you feel safe and sound.

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Bundles BeVirgin
“The Artificial Hymen Kit is exactly what it sounds like: Sealed in silver packages and nestled in a bed of pink satin in a small wooden box, the kit contains two “prosthetic membranes.” “
Bundles BeVirgin
“Red Medical Food Dye (the official term for blood) is smeared everywhere: his genitals, my genitals, the towel”
Bundles BeVirgin
“Now I have to check your hymen: the shocking persistence of virginity tests”
Bundles BeVirgin
“Artificial Hymen Kits Available For Those Who Literally Want To Feel Like A Virgin Touched For The Very First Time”
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