Our mission: bring positive change to woman in need of Restoring their Virginity!

Our mission BeVirgin

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why did we start BeVirgin?

BeVirgin is the brainchild of Mia, Ricki and Julie, three besties from Australia. Coming from different backgrounds and upbrings and touched by personal and close relatives experiences, the three best friends have united to bring positive change to woman in need of restoring their Virginity and putting their lives back on track

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BeVirgin respects woman from all walks of life, and no matter what is your circumstances we are here to help you concur this challenge in the best possible way and become a happier and positive individual.

We put your identity and privacy at top priority with state-of-the-art website security, we ensure that our packaging and postal handling is as discreet as it can be and we are ready with rapid post purchase support should you need us.

Now it is your time to be courageous and feel confident, so go on, revive, relive and BeVirgin again!

why did we start BeVirgin?

Virginity, defined as an intact hymen, is considered a sign of sexual purity in many societies and represents the honor of a woman and her family. The loss of virginity before marriage is still a concern in many cultures, such as Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Mediterranean societies. In many Muslim countries and traditional societies, an intact hymen has such important social value that serious problems, crime or even blood feuds may arise if a newly married girl is found not to be a virgin.

Many young females suffer a broad array of genital conditions which require medical evaluation and treatment of such cases may need intervention of virginity regain pills via  hymen and will eventually cause the hymen to be torn. Others had unfortunately been sexually abused or had their hymen ruptured in an accident and not as a result of sexual activity. There are also many young individuals which had experimented with pre-marital sex and find themselves in a situation where they need their virginity back to marry in a traditional way.

For many women in our society, the loss of virginity virtually ends any possibility of marriage. Any physical rupture of the hymen, regardless of whether it is related to sexual activity, is considered evidence of lost virginity. This puts many young girls and their families under extreme angst and fear from what the future holds.

The Hymen plastic surgery procedure to repair of the broken hymen, known as Hymenoplasty, is not a guaranteed success and may require multiple attempts, making it very inconvenient and cost prohibitive to many women. Many surgeons often refuse to perform this procedure because of ethical issues which makes the process impractical.

 At BeVirgin we have created an education platform and Artificial Hymen Kit products like revirgin pills which enables to restore both the mental sense and the physical attributes of virginity for a complete peace of mind during and after the wedding event. Our products virginity regain pills perfectly simulate the sensation of having intact hymen combined with a natural real blood color dye to provide the visual effect. Our product bundles are carefully designed to ensure multiple layers of virginity effects so you feel safe and sound.

Our mission BeVirgin

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Our mission BeVirgin
“The Artificial Hymen Kit is exactly what it sounds like: Sealed in silver packages and nestled in a bed of pink satin in a small wooden box, the kit contains two “prosthetic membranes.” “
Our mission BeVirgin
“Red Medical Food Dye (the official term for blood) is smeared everywhere: his genitals, my genitals, the towel”
Our mission BeVirgin
“Now I have to check your hymen: the shocking persistence of virginity tests”
Our mission BeVirgin
“Artificial Hymen Kits Available For Those Who Literally Want To Feel Like A Virgin Touched For The Very First Time”
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