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Help Me Choose My BeVirgin Product!

Help me choose! BeVirgin

Finding the right product to make you be a Virgin again might be overwhelming.
But not to worry, we are here to help you find your ideal fit!

How to choose a the right BeVirgin product?

We are often asked that question. To find the best Product for you, you need to start by what virginity effect you like and how reliable and realistic you need the effect to be. Use the table below as a guid to help you select the right products for you

Product / Virginity Effect Artificial HymenHelp me choose! BeVirgin Hymen BloodHelp me choose! BeVirgin Tightening GelHelp me choose! BeVirgin Revive BundleHelp me choose! BeVirgin Relive BundleHelp me choose! BeVirgin
Blood Effect 80% 100% 100% 100%
Real Hymen Effect 100% 80% 100% 100%
Vagina Tightness Effect 15% 100% 15% 100%
Breaking the Hymen Effect 15% 100% 15% 100%
Overall Virginity Effect Good Good Medium Advanced Excellent

No matter what your ultimate choice is, at BeVirgin, we have designed a friendly and easy to use collection of Virginity like products. We have surveyed thousands of women all over the world, worked with world-class designers, and sourced the best products to create the best Virginity like Products and the best best Virginity like Bundles

Dear Buyer Please beware: none of the imitation Artificial Hymen Kit products in the market such as Zarimon or VirginiaCare is able to offer our unique REAL-BLOOD™ effect

We are everywhere!

Help me choose! BeVirgin
“The Artificial Hymen Kit is exactly what it sounds like: Sealed in silver packages and nestled in a bed of pink satin in a small wooden box, the kit contains two “prosthetic membranes.” “
Help me choose! BeVirgin
“Red Medical Food Dye (the official term for blood) is smeared everywhere: his genitals, my genitals, the towel”
Help me choose! BeVirgin
“Now I have to check your hymen: the shocking persistence of virginity tests”
Help me choose! BeVirgin
“Artificial Hymen Kits Available For Those Who Literally Want To Feel Like A Virgin Touched For The Very First Time”
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