Hymenoplasty surgery costs and better options

Hymenoplasty surgery costs and better options

Hymenoplasty is repairing, reconstructing, and restoring a woman’s hymen. The hymen is the delicate membrane that guards the entrance to the vaginal canal. It comes from the Greek word hymen, meaning “membrane.”

The hymen consists of tissue present in virgin girls forming a permeable membrane over their vaginal canal. Menstrual bleeding and normal vaginal discharge can seep through this membrane without damaging it. It is usually thin and flexible, but it can sometimes be thick and rigid.

Examining this membrane can reveal a lot about a woman’s sex life. More so than she would want to disclose herself. Usually, in the first sexual encounter, the hymen resists penile penetration. It only gives way after tearing apart and bleeding, leaving a lot of tiny blood on the sheets depending on the circumstances. Lost virginity is depicted historically by blood-soiled sheets. The tearing apart also causes pain when losing virginity.

Other reasons for losing the hymen include strenuous exercise, horseback or bicycle riding, penetrative OBGYN exam, finger insertion, tampon insertion, and masturbation. In some rare cases, the hymen may not be naturally present. Due to many reasons, both cultural and religious, women may opt to restore the hymen.

What is hymenoplasty surgery?

The hymenoplasty surgery is the re-attachment of the remaining pieces of the hymen if enough threads are remaining. If the lines remaining after the penetration or repeated intercourse are insufficient to reconstruct the hymen, the procedure involves creating an artificial hymen using synthetic tissue. In some cases, tissue from the lip of the vagina is used to re-create the hymen. In addition, a small amount of blood supply is usually added from the patient’s vaginal flap to recreate the traditional bleeding on subsequent penetration.

The hymenoplasty surgery involves tightening the outer edges of the vagina by reconstructing the hymen tissue. Bleeding is part of the surgery; patients can bleed for a couple of days after the surgery. Bleeding is like menstrual bleeding and requires recovery. Side effects of the hymenoplasty surgery involve discoloration and numbness. In some cases, the color of the membrane can change. Hymenoplasty surgery aims to improve dysfunctions and a woman’s hidden aesthetics; the result can significantly impact her self-esteem and sexual desire due to the risks involved.

The average cost of hymenoplasty surgery can range from $8,000 to $10,000. Due to the surgery’s complications, post-operative costs can be exceeded by a couple of thousand dollars in most cases.

Recovery from the procedure can take weeks, and women are advised to avoid physical work for 3-6 weeks. Heavy lifting and strenuous activity should be avoided for the first couple weeks. The procedure can also take a toll on women psychologically, and most women are advised to prepare for the course beforehand.

Recent studies and research in hymenoplasty have given rise to non-surgical solutions. Commonly used alternatives are hymen repair kits. Hymen repair kits are readily available and deliver the same results as hymenoplasty surgery. Due to the rising cost of hymenoplasty surgery, more women are inclining towards revirgination kits. It is a no-brainer – An affordable, safe, and effective product for discreet DIY use. Look at our hymen restoration kits and Hymen restoration Bundles, as they will eliminate any surgery health dangers.


Hymenoplasty surgery costs and better options
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