Hymen Repair Surgery and Altenatives

Hymen Repair Surgery and Altenatives

Why do you need hymen repair surgery? The hymen is a thick membranous layer covering your vagina. The intactness of the vagina means that you are a virgin. A virgin woman is considered a chaste and innocent woman. Whereas a non-virgin woman is a woman who has a broken hymen. A non-virgin woman who is married cannot be under the hot water but an unmarried woman is. Why? Because in most of the cultures, premarital sex is forbidden. The girls are no supposed to have sexual intercourse before their marriage. Their intact hymen is considered a gift for their future husband.

The hymen breaks as a result of penetration through the penis, sex toys, fingers or tampons. There can be other reasons for a torn hymen including forced sex, sports, cycling, horse riding or different exercises. Different religious and cultural reasons stress upon the virginity or intactness of the hymen. The non-virgin women are ridiculed as they become a means of bringing shame to the family. a newly wedded bride is supposed to bleed on her wedding night if she does not bleed she is not a virgin and she will be outcasted from her husband’s house.

What is hymen repair surgery to the non-virgin girls? It is a solution for all those girls who are looking to regain their virginity. It comes under one of the techniques of revirgination.

But what is hymen repair surgery? Hymen repair surgery is commonly known as hymenoplasty or hymenorrhaphy. It is a cosmetic operation in which the hymen is restored. This surgical procedure is done by giving anesthesia to the patient. The parts of broken skin around the edges of the hymen are very carefully cut away then the remaining tissues of the hymen are sewn back together. In case, there is no skin left to restore the hymen, or if the hymen is gone, the surgeons create the new hymen by using body’s vaginal skin or with the help of synthetic tissue. The surgery may take almost 30 – 50 minutes.

The recovering time of the surgery may last for six to seven weeks. You would advised to not use anything to penetrate your vagina, not even tampons.

There are always complications relating to the surgical procedures of revirgination. There is always a huge chance of getting infections. There can be inflammation, agonizing pain, dizziness, abnormal bleeding, foul-smelling discharge or itchiness. Another problem with hymen repair surgery is that it is very expensive. It also consumes a lot of time.

The hymen restoration kit is far better than the hymen restoration surgery. The former is a non-surgical product that cannot risk your health. The hymen restoration kit constitutes of manual instructions, tools, and pills. It can be used at home. It does not take too much time. Moreover, it is not very costly. The hymen restoration kit helps in the natural stimulation of the hymen. Unlike the hymen restoration surgery, there are no side effects to the hymen restoration kit. Educate yourself and choose the right product and bundle for you by looking at hymen restoration kits and Hymen restoration Bundles.


Hymen Repair Surgery and Altenatives
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