What is a Hymenoplasty Procedure?

What is a Hymenoplasty Procedure?

Hymenoplasty is a surgical process in which the broken hymen is reconstructed. It is done to achieve the virginity again. The hymen is a thick membranous tissue that serves as an opening to your vagina. The intactness of the hymen indicates that you are a virgin but if it is not intact, you will be labeled as a non-virgin. There can be different reasons for the broken hymen including sports, cycling, horse riding, use of tampons, exercises, gymnasium, accidents or penetration through the penis.

Premarital sex is forbidden in most of the cultures of the world. The non-virgins are looked down upon. They are not respected in their society as they become the reason to bring disgrace upon their families and themselves. It becomes very important for them to regain their virginity so that no one could find out that they are not virgins. That is why they choose to go for revirgination surgeries. Hymenoplasty is one of those surgeries.

What is a hymenoplasty procedure? Firstly, you will be making an appointment with the doctor who would tell you in detail about the surgery you will be having soon (hymenoplasty). The doctor will instruct you to be prepared for the surgery and also make your expectations clear about the procedure.

On the scheduled day, the doctor will put you under anesthesia, it could be local or general anesthesia. Then the surgeon would stitch back together with the remains of your broken hymen. The stitches used in the surgery are dissolvable.

The whole surgery usually takes place in almost 30 – 50 minutes and it is a simple outpatient procedure. What is a hymenoplasty procedure if there are no hymen pieces to sew back together? When the remnants of the hymen cannot be stitched back together or the hymen is nonexistent, the surgeon will make a new one by using the body’s vaginal skin or the synthetic tissue. This procedure will take almost two hours as the hymen will be created from scratch.

After the surgery, the patient will be sent to the recovery room for a few hours, she can leave after that if there are no complications. She will be asked to get bed rest for 3 – 4 days then she can go to work, but she must avoid carrying heavyweights. It is normal to slightly bleed in the first 3 or 4 days after the surgery. The full recovery time of hymenoplasty is almost six weeks.

You should bear in mind that there are always complications related to such surgeries, such as itchiness, unusual bleeding, intense pain, discoloration of the vaginal area, dizziness or inflammation. There is always a possibility of contracting infections during or after the surgery. There can be a chance that you might not get the desired results. What is a hymenoplasty procedure then? It is a big risk that could disturb your sexual health overall.

Moreover, it will consume your money a lot as well as your time. It is better to use non-surgical products for revirgination purposes as it is less likely that they will put your health in danger. These products include hymen capsules, artificial hymen, and hymen repair kit. These revirgination products are not expensive and can easily be used at home.

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What is a Hymenoplasty Procedure?
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