What happens after the hymenoplasty?

What happens after the hymenoplasty?

Meet Sarah. She has opted for the hymenoplasty procedure at an upscale clinic. The procedure is going to cost her around $10,000. She has been booked for the procedure. She is opting for this procedure because she is getting married in 3 months. She is getting married to her boyfriend, who comes from a conservative family. Her future husband has not had intercourse with her and is saving himself for their wedding night. But this is not Sarah’s first boyfriend. Sarah has had her share of tough luck in the love department. Her past lovers have jilted her. Much to her despise, Sarah had trusted them with her body and lost her virginity when she was only a teenager. Sarah has learned the hard way that not every boy she leans her body will build a future with her.

So, after much research, Sarah has decided to opt for surgery. She has had numerous appointments with surgeons to plan this surgery. Unfortunately, this surgery is being scheduled according to the date of her wedding. Her future husband, for obvious reasons, has no idea about this surgery.

But what happens after the surgery? 

Sarah was admitted to the clinic a day before the surgery. Her vitals are being monitored. The surgery is scheduled to take place the next day. On the day of the surgery, Sarah is given local anesthesia. Due to frequent sexual intercourse with past lovers, her hymen is non-existent. Therefore, the doctors have opted to reconstruct her hymen from the lip of her vagina. In addition, they have decided to leave a blood supply in the reconstructed vagina so that her husband can consummate the marriage on her wedding night. Under anesthesia, the procedure gets complicated as the area of the membrane is highly delicate.

The procedure is successful. Sarah is shifted to the recovery room, where she will be monitored for anomalies. Sarah cannot move freely because of the numbness in her genital area constricting her movement. Her head is dizzy from the medicines, and she cannot feel her upper legs. She is bleeding heavily from the vagina and will continue to do so for a few days. Her genitalia has been bruised from the surgery. Her whole crotch is swollen from the trauma. It will take her more than a couple of days to recover from the operation. She has been advised to refrain from any physical activity for six weeks. She will have to postpone her wedding preparation and alter her workout plan. Hopefully, it will all be worth it to come to the wedding night.

Sarah is not alone in her ordeal. Many women face the same dilemma today as they reconcile past and future lovers. As they go from lover to lover in search of true love, they seek painless alternatives to this problem.

One of the most painless alternatives is the Liquid membrane hymen capsule. It is a blood capsule that comes neatly packaged in a neat box that ensures discreteness. The bride can insert the tablet a few moments before sex and, upon penetration, simulates the same effect that would have been had the hymen been reconstructed by a hymenoplasty surgery. We have many other virginity restoration solutions, which can be found in our hymen restoration kits and Hymen restoration Bundles.

What happens after the hymenoplasty?
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