What Does the Hymenoplasty Surgery Do?

What Does the Hymenoplasty Surgery Do?

The hymenoplasty surgery is the surgery that repairs the hymen. An undamaged hymen is a proof of virginity in most cultures around the world. Women undergo the surgery to hide signs of earlier sexual affairs. The hymen is the membrane that covers the opening of the vaginal canal. So, what does the hymenoplasty surgery do?

During the first penetrative sex, the hymen covering the vaginal canal is torn apart resulting in bleeding. Due to its rigid structure, it can offer quite the resistance and causes pain in the loss of virginity. Repeated sex results in the disappearance of the hymen and it vanishes after a couple of hot and heavy bidenedroom affairs.

Hymenoplasty surgery is an attempt to reconstruct the hymen by surgery. Depending on the condition of the hymen, the membrane is re-constructed using natural or artificial fibers. The operation can be performed a few days before an intended marriage. The flap of the vagina is used to create an artificial hymen. Patients are required to refrain from penetrative sex for up to 3 weeks following the hymenoplasty surgery. The hymenoplasty surgery is legal in western countries but in certain Asian countries, due to the sensibilities of the cultural constructs involved it is not legalized. This is a very delicate subject to discuss in most cultures.

Hymenoplasty of the membrane by a certified surgeon is administered on local anesthesia. The condition of the vagina is observed after which it is decided which course to take to rejuvenation. Primary surgery involves reconnecting the tissues of your hymen in an hour-long operation. Secondary surgery involves the insertion of synthetic products in the vaginal canal. Dissolvable stitches are used which dissolve in a couple of days. The hymen is operated to cut out uneven tissue from the damage. Then the hymen would be repaired with stitches that are dissolvable.

In most cases, regenerative tissue is taken from the vaginal lip that is used to position a membrane close to the natural membrane to block the entrance of the vaginal canal. In cases where the vagina is lost due to childbirth, additional surgeries are conducted to bring back its elasticity.

Recovery from the operation takes around a standard 6-week period. Patients are advised to refrain from strenuous activity. Most activity involving cardio, exercise is stopped for at least 6 weeks. After the hymenoplasty surgery, patients may suffer from bleeding, bruising and extended discomfort. Patients are also asked to refrain from sexual intercourse for 3 weeks to ensure that the effects of the surgery are not temporary.

But due to the nature of the surgery, the effects of hymenoplasty are temporary. On the first sexual encounter after the hymenoplasty, the effects begin to dissipate.

Despite the pain and the cost involved in hymenoplasty, the side effects are unavoidable. Women are increasingly opting for painless solutions to the dilemma of virginity. Many products have proved to be successful in bringing the same effects as hymenoplasty. These products are not only cost-effective but are also easy to use. In most cases, this problem can be dealt away with without the hassle of hymenoplasty.

The best option for you is to avoid hymenoplasty surgery and use an affordable and quicker DIY solution by looking at our specially crafted hymen restoration kits and Hymen restoration Bundles as it will not put your health in any risk.

What Does the Hymenoplasty Surgery Do?
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