Virginity Surgery: A Miracle or an Abyss?

Virginity Surgery: A Miracle or an Abyss?

In a superficial world where extreme makeovers are conventional and, humans prefer, virginity surgery is new. This surgical procedure, also known as hymenorrhaphy, aims to repair the hymen by stitching back what may have shattered by a moment of passionate sex.

Another name given to virginity surgery is hymen restoration. The operation, quite popular in America, has become a booming industry that manages to create a new class of royalty. For example, Esmerelda Venegas, who runs the Ridgewood Health and Beauty Center in New York City, mentions how the surgical treatment has helped her gain popularity and the title Queen of Virginity.

The procedure is conducted by board-certified surgeons who repair the hymen by stitching the ends of the thin membrane together or by adding a tissue patch from the walls of the vagina. Usually, the treatment is a non-invasive, simple procedure performed under local anesthesia with mild sedation. During virginity surgery, the statures used are typically dissolvable. The process is relatively risk-free. However, there are several complications that one might face while undergoing virginity surgery. 

Potential risks that such operations carry could include:

  1. Infections: A common danger present in all kinds of surgeries, diseases can be prevented or treated by antibiotics.
  2. Bleeding: Due to virginity surgery, bleeding is considered normal and must subside within a few days. Prolonged bleeding, however, is a sign of complication and must be treated.
  3. Stricture: When an elastic membrane becomes too tight, structure occurs. As a result, the opening becomes too narrow, causing pain during sexual intercourse.

Roselato Venegas, having roots in the Dominican Republic and now resides in New Jersey, claims that virginity surgery caters to machismo culture. Venegas feels hundreds of scared women from different world cultures, including Latin America, China, Korea, and the Middle East, have paid thousands of dollars to have their hymens restored.

So, is hymen restoration a necessary deception? This deception is acceptable for some, especially in cases where the culture requires women to be more severe about their virginity. For example, Fatima, a client of Stubb’s clinic in Toronto, is from a Middle Eastern background and mentions how coming from a traditional family, she has to lie in her relationship to protect it. Fatima also shares about the horrors of honor killing, which is common in a culture where the girl’s virginity is a concern of the whole family. For her, losing their virginity means the loss of family honor and a disgrace for the entire family.

In much of the middle east, these virginity surgical treatments are secretive for the patients and the doctors. Hymen reconstruction in these areas carries a stigma many people don’t opt for or admit not talking about. Women like Fatima believe that a few sutures don’t make anyone a virgin again. However, they do close the cultural gap of the generation, which is caught between the realities of the modern and conventional world. Surgical hymen repair operations provide an alternative to dishonor or the possibility of death for women from conservative backgrounds.

An Alternative

It is always a wise idea to avoid getting under a knife. However, if you’re someone who would adopt an effective alternative, then there may be good news for you. There are these revirgination products in the market that women from all over the world use to revive their virginity. The right way forward for you is to go for one of our hymen restoration kits and Extensive Hymen restoration Bundles, as they will not harm your health. These kits and bundles come with capsules that can be inserted into the vagina, and they then create an artificial layer of hymen with fake but harmless blood. It has worked for all purposes for different consumers and will work for you as well, regardless of your reasons!

Virginity Surgery: A Miracle or an Abyss?
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