Vaginoplasty Guide – All about the Surgery

Vaginoplasty Guide – All about the Surgery

A surgery that is used for tightening up the vaginal canal is referred to as vaginoplasty. This treatment is considered a reconstructing process used by women who experience the loosening of the vagina due to aging or childbirth. Several surgeons claim vaginoplasty improves sensitivity and helps women boost their self-confidence.

Apart from a higher self-image, women who have undergone vaginoplasty have also reported improvement in personal comfort and sexual intercourse. The surgical treatment of vaginoplasty addresses not only the issue of muscle laxity but also removes excess skin. This improves the overall appearance of the vagina. Usually, the patient, in such kind of treatment, is given general anesthesia, although the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia as well.

The process involves the patient lying down in a comfortable position, with legs stretched wide apart. As a first step, the excess skin is removed at the vaginal opening. In the following step, the vaginal mucosa is separated from vaginal muscles. Once that is done, the surgeon brings the muscles together by using techniques involved in surgical procedures like tummy tucks. Once the muscles are tightened, there is a relaxed vaginal opening with dissolvable external and internal sutures. Patients need to wait for at least six weeks to engage in any sexual activity once the treatment is over, even though the results are quite visible immediately after the surgery.

In case you are scheduled for vaginoplasty surgery, there are several things you can do to prepare for it beforehand. It is essential to follow the instructions provided by your doctor regarding eating, drinking, and taking medication. One should avoid smoking before surgery and not take aspirin at least two weeks before the process starts. Hair removal is a good option as it assists doctors with the procedure.

Although in most cases, vaginoplasty is successful, it is imperative to understand the risks of undergoing such surgery. Patients might experience bleeding, infections, pain, scarring, or even long-lasting changes in sensation. According to most doctors, an ideal candidate for this surgery are women between thirty and fifty who have good physical health.

The person undergoing such a surgery, whether it’s a woman or a transgender person, must have realistic expectations. Once the operation is over, most doctors recommend pelvic floor exercises to keep muscles tight and give better bladder control. To recover properly, one must have some downtime as well. In fact, for the first few days, women are expected to have pain and mild swelling or spots.

However, one may resume daily activities after a couple of weeks. One must take into consideration that most insurance companies consider vaginoplasty a cosmetic procedure rather than a pathological process; hence, they do not cover it. Severe irritation, labial overgrowth, and congenital conditions are a few of the reasons why the vaginoplasty is considered a medical procedure by some insurance companies.

Don’t Want to Get Under the Surgeon’s Knife?

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Vaginoplasty Guide – All about the Surgery
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