Uncovering the Best Alternatives: A Quick Guide to Vaginal Surgeries and Hymenoplasty Options

Uncovering the Best Alternatives: A Quick Guide to Vaginal Surgeries and Hymenoplasty Options

What is Hymenoplasty?

Hymenorrhaphy is another popular term for hymenoplasty – both these terms refer to the restoration of a woman’s hymen (also known as revirginization) via cosmetic repair. However, the problem arises when the demands increase for women. At the same time, they often cannot afford the cost, which leads them to switch to feasible and affordable alternatives. This article aims to highlight the most popular procedure of hymenoplasty and the possible and available options.

What is a Hymen?

To better grasp hymenoplasty surgery, you must have well-researched information and description.

The hymen comprises flexible human tissue compared to an oval rubber-shaped washer that aims to entirely or partially cover the vaginal opening. It is a thin, adjustable ring-shaped membrane that can sometimes turn thick and rigid. It develops during the prenatal gestational period, precisely in the 4th month.

Quite a few myths depict that the hymen is an impenetrable seal, which seems bizarre as, in such a case, menstrual flow out of the body each month would not have been possible for females. Moreover, historical novel writers, particularly in the romance genre, tend to portray their protagonists as crying in pain after their first sexual encounter due to the tearing of their hymen. Loss of virginity is associated with a bleeding factor often used in crime scenes and as evidence to prove one’s virginity. On the contrary, science says it is normal for a woman not to bleed after her first sexual intercourse for various reasons. Moreover, no scientific studies confirm the bleeding factor to be held responsible for claims for an individual’s virginity.

The hymen is often correlated with the appendix as it is considered to serve no significant purpose and is just a sheath of skin that is supposed to determine a woman’s purity and innocence. Yet, surprisingly, today’s modern era still firmly believes in this concept and supports it.

Science, however, proves that a torn hymen is not indicative of specifically sexual intercourse but can be caused due to various reasons, like adopting an athletic lifestyle, strenuous everyday activity, horse rides, or even bicycle riding can rupture the membrane. A gynecological examination that includes inserting two fingers with gloves speculation or even masturbation can disrupt it. Girls who actively use tampons are prone to it.

While in some instances, a hymen is absent since birth – such cases are rare that only 1 out of every 1,000 women are born with such defects.

What Are Some of the Reasons for Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty Is an ideal process to repair torn hymen for women who wish to opt for it. However, the reason to do can vary from a physical or psychological mindset.

Reclaiming control: Often in rape cases, which can significantly traumatize a woman while leaving her to live with the guilt of her lost virginity, an ideal situation to implement the process of hymenoplasty to restore her hymen for her mental peace, comfort, and confidence.

Burying the past: During our adolescent years, young females tend to incline towards a sexually active life for various reasons, not realizing its emotional and physical hazards. At times, a few women face regret for their poor judgment. They so can seek to revirginize themselves by opting for hymenoplasty.

Cultural beliefs: Worldwide, cultural beliefs can often pressure a woman to seek such a refuge as their intact hymen is considered definitive proof of the purity represented to their future spouses.

Accidental rupture or tearing:

Various reasons can cause the membrane rupture; for instance, horse riding or even bicycle riding or the regular use of tampons can tear apart the membrane. At times slipping of dry ice can cause the same damage, too; however, this is unintentional damage.

Enhancement of sexual pleasure: Childbirth causes the vaginal muscles to weaken and become slacker over time, indirectly reducing sexual pleasure. Hymenoplasty is the ultimate remedy to restore the tightening of these muscles and provide a better sexual experience.

Imperforate hymen means covering the mouth of the vaginal opening and blocking the outflow of menstrual blood. Hence, this is often discovered by females at the time of puberty. Hymenoplasty ruptures the membranes in a way that will make enough space for the floe constant.

Septate hymen: Splitting the hymen into rope-like bands, which can be rectified via hymenotomy. A septate hymen is often compared to tonsils since two ends connect them—however, the tear breaks upon a penile or tampon penetration. A septate hymen is thick and rigid, often considered rock solid, to the extent that it won’t allow any penetration. Hence, a surgical remedy is then used as a last resort.

Micro-perforated hymen: a condition similar to an imperforate hymen and can be rectified similarly. However, a microperforated hymen has a small opening that compliments the menstrual flow.

What Happens During Hymenoplasty?

Hymenoplasty is a straightforward procedure that can take place under local anesthesia at an outpatient clinic. First, the torn edges around the hymen membrane are stitched back neatly. At the same time, the remaining tissue is left with a minimum opening restoring the hymen ring to its standard shape and size.

In rare cases where the hymenal tissue seems insufficient or due to a congenital disability is non-existent. The surgeon would utilize the normal vaginal mucosa or an available synthetic tissue to create one. Then, to ensure a bleeding sensation, an artificial blood supply is added, or the patient’s vaginal piece of the flap is used, creating the effect of traditional bleeding upon sexual encounter.

What is the Recovery Time and Cost?

The recovery time can vary according to the repair procedure that has taken place. However, generally, it only lasts for an hour or two. Since no significant clinical process takes place, a hospital admission or stay is optional. The female can quickly return to her regular daily routine or even return to work the same way. However, any strenuous or vigorous activity or weight lifting should be avoided. Side effects may include bleeding for up to 48 to 72 hours, considered normal, while six weeks are recommended for complete healing. In addition, no visible surgery signs are left behind.

The cost can range from $500 to $1200 in most developing countries, while private clinics can charge you up to $5000 or even $9000 as per the services provided in the region.

What Are Some Alternatives to Hymenoplasty?

Alternatives to hymenoplasty to create an artificial hymen are also available:

  • Vaginoplasty
  • Kegel Exercises, including Jade Eggs
  • Hymen Restoration Kit

Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that includes using surgical instruments to restore one’s virginity by repairing the hymen tissue tear. If such an option fears you, you can permanently eliminate the possibility of opting for Vaginoplasty and give the hymen repair kit a chance.

What is Vaginoplasty?

The process aims to reconstruct and tighten the vaginal muscles while restoring their original appearance. This procedure is often referred to as vaginal reconstruction, vaginal tightening, or even vaginal plastic surgery. This procedure is combined with other forms of surgery, such as labiaplasty and hymenorrhaphy, since it is an elective cosmetic, reconstructive procedure.

Before you opt for these procedures, seek your physician’s advice. Patients are advised to discuss their risk factors and benefits with the surgeon before the process – it will help you conclude. If surgical procedures scare you, you can always seek your physician’s advice for its alternatives. Non-surgical procedures include Kegel exercises or Kegel yoga that help tighten the muscles if implemented regularly. Moreover, if you have any significant medical history, inform your surgeon about it, as it can lead to several complications and risks.

What is Jade or Yoni Eggs?

Jade eggs, also known as Yoni eggs, are smooth egg-shaped stones inserted within the vagina to strengthen the pelvic muscle floor and increase the tightness of vaginal muscles. If the yoni or jade egg is not soft, discard it and do not utilize it.

These Yoni eggs are famous in the South African region and have been used by people in their culture for more than a thousand years – each individual using it for a different purpose.

It is known to prevent organ prolapse and tone or tighten the pelvic floor. It also contains any pelvic muscle inconsistency. It is considered the best remedy for a post-childbirth procedure as it can tone the vaginal muscles. It can significantly affect your sexual life, too, as it enhances the experience for both partners by increasing the orgasmic pleasure received and a better and more active sexual life with added satisfaction. It can be used to heighten the lubrication present at the vaginal orifice. It can also relieve any menopausal symptoms and even alleviate premenstrual syndrome symptoms. It also boosts female sexual energy.

What are Hymen Restoration kits?

This option is the most convenient; it is an artificial hymen kit called Translucent Membrane. This product comes with a detailed manual and a fake hymen. We also sell the hymen pills kit, which we refer to as Liquid Membrane– one for use while the other one to be used at the appropriate time. These artificial hymen kits can cost around $45 up to $150.

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We recommend you try this product and give your life a new fresh start, as we guarantee that these hymen pills kit and the artificial hymen kit can work wonders for you and your future life ahead.


Uncovering the Best Alternatives: A Quick Guide to Vaginal Surgeries and Hymenoplasty Options
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