Tight Vagina Guide – What is it all about?

Tight Vagina Guide – What is it all about?

The term “tight vagina” and its usage is quite relative and cannot be defined objectively. Depending on the person, what one considers as tight, might be entirely normal for another. As they say, you are the best judge of yourself; therefore, to check the tightness of your Vagina, your sensations must be the benchmark.

You may consider your Vagina to be tight if you experience the following:

  1. extreme pain during sexual intercourse
  2. a burning or stinging sensation due to vaginal penetration
  3. intense discomfort while inserting a tampon
  4. loss or fear of sexual desire and pleasure

Women experiencing such symptoms often ask why is my Vagina too tight? There could be various causes for a tight vagina, according to medical experts and gynecologists. One of the many possible reasons for such a condition could include sexual problems. If one experiences discomfort during sexual intercourse at an early age, the vaginal muscles develop a reaction that can lead to infection.

Sexual issues could also stem from physical health conditions or medication side effects. Depression, stress, and related mental disorders may also result in an extremely tight vagina. As a result of fatigue and tiredness, vaginal walls may experience a closing reaction. Fears and phobias can also contribute to tight, controlled muscles resulting in vaginal tightness.

So, what is the treatment of a tight vagina? In the case of severe or chronic tightness, one must visit a professional gynecologist to get yourself consulted and appropriately treated. A milder form of tight Vagina can be cured by working on your overall health and making lifestyle changes. For vaginal tightening, Kegel exercises are one of the most effective exercises.

Another form of workout that strengthens pelvic floor muscles is the pelvic tilt exercise. Yoga is also an effective way for muscle toning around the vaginal area. The best yoga positions to help solve this problem are bridge pose and child’s pose as they require you to deep breathe, relax your muscles, and tone your body.

There are several home remedies that a few women have claimed to work wonders. Instead of tightening pills, women trying herbal and natural methods prefer using aloe vera gel for its soothing properties. Aloe vera is known for relieving vaginal discomfort and acts as an excellent lubricant, which helps in resolving the problem of vaginal dryness. It is also advised to use garlic to improve overall vaginal health.

Similarly, the use of gooseberry fruits and extracts Curcuma comosa, if applied to genital areas regularly, helps with such problems. Using sex toys like ben wa balls can help with vaginal tightening as they are known to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. To sum it up, a healthy and balanced diet is crucial to protect yourself from harmful bacteria and improve your vaginal health. By consuming green tea you can prevent vaginal infections as well.

Need immediate results? Can’t wait? Give our Tight Vagina Gel a try. Made out of specially formulated 100% natural blend of herbs it is sure to give the quick fix just before the intercouese.

Matters related to vaginal health must not be ignored as they not only impact your physical health but emotional wellbeing and can lead to relationship problems in the long term.

Tight Vagina Guide – What is it all about?
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