The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hymen Repair Kits

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hymen Repair Kits

Does losing your hymen make you feel like a lost cause? Does that thin membranous layer is paramount to deciding your fate, faith, and future? Do the traumatic sexual experiences of your past make you yearn for a fresh start? Are you simply too adventurous and sporty to have accidentally torn a layer of tissue that you hold dear?

Breathe a long-suspended sigh of relief, you all!

Because we have got just about the right product to put you, ladies, at ease: artificial hymen repair kits.

What is an artificial hymen repair kit?

Artificial hymen repair kits consist of neatly packaged prosthetic membranes containing food dye and self-dissolving cellulose. These membranes break down after a few minutes to hours (depending on the product type) of the insertion inside your vagina, leading to a confident first sexual encounter with your spouse. Order the product, rip the package, insert the thin sheet inside, and recreate your first experience of losing virginity at will.

The most eminent purpose of an artificial hymen repair kit is to provide the “visual effects” to complete the theatrical performance of sex.  Feeling the intrusive “breaking” sensation during coitus only rank as a secondary priority, and it depends mainly on the individual man and the anatomical construct of the female hymen, respectively, experts say.

What are the other causes of hymen rupture?

The air of mystique that surrounds hymen rupture must be cleared fast, for your benefit. Hymen can break regardless of sex, that is a scientifically proven fact. Now let’s explore the other causes of hymen tear; to protect a large cohort of the female population worldwide from feelings of self-doubt, panic, fear, and guilt.

1) Accidents leading to injuries.

2) Sports, including gymnastics.

3) Habits like cycling, horseback riding, and swimming.

4) Strenuous exercise routine.

5) Some intricately choreographed dance moves, like splits.

6) Genital check-ups at an Obs/Gyne Clinic.

7) Tampon usage.

How to use Artificial Hymen Repair kits?

Now, there are multiple products in the market which vary in their liquefaction time. But on a mutual consensus, each hymen repair kit contains at least two layers of cellulose encasing blood powder in between and a pair of disposable tweezers to help in the insertion process.

There are products that allow you to insert one at least two and a half hours before indulging in sex. While the hymen kit works a 15-minute wonder, all you need to do is place the little pouch inside your vagina gently, with your index finger and a pair of disposable tweezers if needed. Make sure that the bag is at least a finger deep.

The product will react to the temperature of your vagina and expand a bit, making you feel tighter at first. It will also create an artificial skin-like membrane which will serve as your perfect hymen alibi during intercourse. The internal friction of the penis during the act leads to liquefaction of the package, and a trail of makeshift blood mixed with other bodily fluids follows soon after, confirming your virginity and consummation of marriage uninterrupted.

For the sake of trial and error, there are at least two such pouches given in each hymen repair kit. Practice makes everything perfect. The product works equally well with condoms.

How much time is taken for the product to be delivered?

If you are ordering from a company that airmails its parcels, then it takes, on average, about 7-15 business days for the product to reach your doorstep. The difference in countries and regions can tweak the timings slightly. We also need to consider the local post office service and delivery schedule. But worry not, because most companies offer you a tracking service per request to be assured of your product’s delivery time beforehand.

Our service specializes in:

  • Delivering custom office optimized parcels to avoid any import problem in your country.
  • Free shipping across the border with a discrete packaging envelope without any reference to the product details. Express delivery can be booked too for extra charges!
  • After dispatching the product, we will give you a tracking ID to track the shipment.

What other Options do I Have?

You don’t get to be picky when it comes to seeking procedures to restore your virginity since there are only a few options available out there. So no roaming about the whole mall/ shopping centre and then zeroing in upon one particular shoe design that you already tried out in the very beginning.

The three most commonly availed options include:

1) Vaginoplasty.

2) Hymenoplasty.

3) Hymen Repair Kit.

We are going to explore these options one by one to help you decide which procedure fulfil your needs best.


Vaginoplasty is an umbrella term used for several reconstructive procedures for vaginal rejuvenation i.e., making your vagina feel, work, or function as ‘young’ again. Childbirth, aging, and active sex life can lead to the stretching of vaginal tissues and separation of muscles, which causes vaginal laxity and often results in discomfort, pain, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction. The most conventional procedures include vaginal tightening and labiaplasty i.e., altering the shape of your labia majora (outer vaginal lips) and labia minora (inner vaginal lips) for cosmetic purposes. “Once the tightening to be done is identified, to delineate the extra skin to be removed, a pie-shape wedge is marked. Beneath the skin, strong sutures tighten the tissues. After tightening the vaginal canal, the mucosal skin is sutured closed. If there is external skin that protrudes, this can be reduced as well for a more aesthetic result,” as per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Manual. The process can be done both under local and general anaesthesia.

Some studies even go as far as to suggest that vaginoplasty significantly improves the sexual experience of patients. Still, the American Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (ASOG) has challenged this claim.

Firstly, sexual sensitivity is not synonymous with sexual pleasure. Secondly, the stretch limit of a vaginal canal doesn’t guarantee a heightened sexual response. Desire, passion, and sexual satisfaction are deeply objective experiences that are influenced by a plethora of social, emotional, spiritual, and interpersonal factors.


Hymenoplasty or hymenography refers to the restoration of the hymen. It’s an outpatient reconstructive surgery commonly availed by women stricken about proving their virginity in marriage due to cultural and religious constructs.  The process carries out in plastic surgery clinics in the United States, Western Europe, Middle East, South Korea, and the like. If you are a healthy woman and above 18 of age, then you are considered as a suitable candidate for the surgery.

What different techniques are used for hymen repair?

Approximation method: In this procedure, the remnants of the hymen are quickly stitched back together to facilitate healing, commonly done in sexual assault cases.

Cerclage method: When the hymen remnants are insufficient, a cerclage is made around the hymenal ring by dissolvable sutures. The patient can indulge in sexual intercourse after 3-7 days.

Alloplant method: Replacing the torn hymen with an artificial biofilm without vascular supply, consisting of a gelatine capsule containing blood-like substance which ruptures during sexual intercourse.

STSI method: Uses three flaps complete with blood supply from vaginal walls across the vaginal opening, often forms vascular bands around the introitus. The patients need to wait from three weeks to three months following the procedure before engaging in penetrative sex.

In many countries, Hymen reconstruction surgeries were banned. But the tide is changing, slowly but surely. Countries like the US revel in such operations for aesthetic purposes while France is reimbursing the surgery cost in case of trauma or rape. Europe continues to provide the service for free under NHS Foundation Trusts. The surgery is quite popular in Middle Eastern Countries. In Iran, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadeq Rouhani has passed a fatwa in support of hymen restoration surgeries, declaring the women as virgins and perfectly suitable for marriage afterward.

How to order hymen repair kits?

At Be Virgin, we offer comprehensive products and bundles to cover the various options to be virgin again:

Revive Bundle

Relive Bundle

Liquid Membrane

Translucent Membrane

Vaginal Tightening Gel

Vaginal Purity Soap

A sealed package is delivered, and the cover completely hides the product. You can visit each product’s page for more details regarding the price, delivery time, and the function of each of them. The product pages also have video tutorials to guide new users.

Is It Safe to Use Hymen Repair Kit?

Rest assured, dear ladies! Our aim is not only to restore your hymen, but help restore your bruised sense of self-esteem, health, and well-being equally. The artificial hymen is what you were looking for. Our products are approved, further affirming our body-safe products’ reliability. We use 100% natural ingredients in the making of those little pouches, cellulose, and food dye combined. Customers’ feedback is always welcome and most satisfied, like the cat who got the canary. Even better, these ladies are purring like Cheshire cats. No hint of short term or long-term complications whatsoever.

Note: You are required to wash your hands thoroughly before establishing physical contact with the product.

So, What Are We Waiting For?

The product is risk-free and simple to use. It can be ordered and delivered right away to you, discreetly, in a matter of a week. Regardless of which product you require out of the four that we offer, it is going to be a bang for your buck.

Without further ado, head over to the product pages first to see an in-depth tutorial of how to use the product, and once you’ve witnessed that you can conveniently make use of it, go ahead and order it.

Don’t worry about wasting the product, because again, there are two pieces of artificial hymens in all of our bundles, so that you can always experiment with the first and keep the other one intact for the right time.

Regardless of your reasons, we intend to selling this product to improve lives and, in some cases, even save lives. We are nobody to tell you what is right or wrong for you, but we intend to offer an option that can become a gateway to a new beginning for many women across the world.

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Hymen Repair Kits
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