Hymenorrhaphy Cost in Different Places

Hymenorrhaphy Cost in Different Places

Hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery is an artificial hymen restoration procedure. The process aims to reinstate a bleed during the act of sexual intercourse especially for the women who are getting married soon. In many cultures, hymenorrhaphy is considered as proof for a women’s virginity. It is a sensitive topic for which many females have to opt for a surgical procedure as an alternative to restore their honor.

How much does Hymenorrhaphy cost?

The hymenorrhaphy cost can vary for different places and regions around the globe. The average hymenorrhaphy cost in the United States begins at $3000 and can range up to $15,000. The exact hymenorrhaphy cost can be evaluated by your consultant depending on the extent of your surgical procedure. In many regions since the hymenorrhaphy cost is not a feasible and affordable option for most women, they have now introduced a financial plan so that you can easily opt for this alternative. However, not many health insurance companies will offer plans that aim to cover the hymenorrhaphy cost or any other complications related to this cosmetic surgical procedure.

In the United Kingdom, they have a Cosmetic surgery clinic that is solely dedicated to the process of hymen tissue repairing procedure. They claim to understand the secrecy and privacy concerns for women and hence offer an affordable price with a complete confidentiality clause. Their clinics and hospitals are located in Glasglow and Manchester who start with the procedure at a feasible rate of only 2,150 pounds.

The United States too offers this cosmetic procedure but yet again the hymenorrhaphy cost is not covered by the state, however, their cost can vary from a range of $5,000 and can reach up to $9,000 and is quite a popular process in Dallas, Texas.

In India, hymenorrhaphy cost is a bit more feasible as it costs anywhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000. However, many surgeons may often charge a high fee which can go up to Rs 75,000 or even exceed till Rs 1 lakh.

Although the procedure is quite simple since it holds a matter of secrecy many surgeons tend to charge more for it.

V.M. Plastic Surgery clinic in Chandigarh charges the fee in dollars which is about $1200 – if converted to Indian rupees the cost can come up to Rs 55,000, as listed on their recently updated website – a fact to be highlighted is that the procedure cost is much lower than in the U.S or the U.K.

In Sri Lanks the cost is anywhere around 300 – 400 Sri Lankan Rupees, while it can go up to 500 in Ukraine. The cost is double the amount of these in Thailand, Turkey, and Greece that is ranging from 1,000-1500 in their respective currencies. Hungary charges around 2,000 Hungarian Forint while Poland’s hymenorrhaphy cost can go up to 3,000 Polish Zloty. Meanwhile, Australia charges around the same amount as Poland.

Are there any other alternatives to Hymenorrhaphy?

If you are unable to bear the hymenorrhaphy cost you can always opt for alternative techniques that do not require any invasive measures and are much more cost-effective without any risks.


Hymenorrhaphy Cost in Different Places
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