Hymenoplasty Surgeons Reaping Profits in India: The Business of Restoring Virginity

Hymenoplasty Surgeons Reaping Profits in India: The Business of Restoring Virginity

The anonymous woman who attended Dr. Indrani Lodh’s chamber in Calcutta appeared quite perplexed and ashamed until she finally concluded; once she reached her point, she was treated with complete apprehension. She specifically made a special request regarding her discharge papers, in which she asked her surgeon not to include the details about the nature of the surgery. Additionally, her bio-data, which included her name and contact details provided for her medical form, was later discovered to be a con.

Facts depicted that the woman seemed to be in her mid-thirties, married, and had given childbirth earlier. Her appearance revealed that she belonged to a privileged background as per her well-maintained designer high heels portrayed. Moreover, she ensured to spend two whole nights in an expensive hospital’s deluxe room for her operative session. However, the surprising fact was that the operation she opted was not to even last for half a day as per her prolonged stay – evidence brought us to a presumable conclusion about her status of a high-class prostitute who sought to get an operation done to please a specific client, as reported by Dr. Lodhi ( a well-known gynecologist consultant working at the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital located in Calcutta.

What is Hymenoplasty and Who Needs It?

Hymenoplasty is an operative measure that aims to restore a woman’s hymen tear and return her status as a true virgin.

Hymenoplasty surgery in India is the latest cosmetic remedy for all those women who wish to revive their lost virginity. With increasing modern technology, hymenoplasty surgery in India is being implemented by gynecologists and plastic surgeons and is now readily available for women with a hymen tear and only lasts for 40 minutes – the procedure involves the tissue repair of the hymen and the tightening of vaginal muscles which were a target of a sexual intercourse act.

However, a small percentage of women opt for hymenoplasty in India, especially with a marked increase in the western and northern cities. Statistics reveal that women from different backgrounds have come forward to seek this option, for instance, females who were traumatized by rape, female sex workers who want to revive a new lifestyle, young females who participated in premarital sexual intercourse but are now bound by cultural norms to prove their virginity while getting married. The list also included non-resident Indian women and those who wanted to conceal their deeds for fear of saving one’s life from the cultural honor killing.

Dr. Hemant Saraiya, an Ahmedabad-based surgeon, commented, “We receive a variety of patients from different sectors who want to opt for this remedy.For instance, the flow of young gujrati girls is a constant as they seek refuge to their eternal misery of proving their true virgin status to their husbands. Infact, I have even treated female who were sex workers but now wanted to settle down and get married hence seeked a solution to start a new life.”

The trend of hymenoplasty in India is slowing pacing, especially from the West side, where it is considered a statement in certain quarters. However, another Ahmedabad-based surgeon, namely Dr. Bijal Parikh, mentioned that “I receive quite a few queries from Indians residing in Great Britain or the US, And let me add, that if this trend is adopted, it might become a hub for hymenoplasty in India – attracting medical tourists.

Crunching Down the Numbers

Doctors have reported an increased count of Hymenoplasties in India, especially in Mumbai. Dr. Millind Wagh, an aesthetic consultant and a surgeon at L.H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai, stated, “More women are opting for hymenoplasty in India as they would five years ago. Many NRIs and foreigners seek this remedy in India specifically for its low cost, however, Many of my patients are Indians too.”


Mumbai gynecologist Dr. Rishma Dhillon added a contrasting statement saying that fewer women are seeking the hymenoplasty procedure. However, an increasing mark in the number count is seen amongst Arb teenage girls, especially in west Asian countries. The process is, however, followed after an abortion case. A cosmetic surgeon from Chandigarh’s clinic confirmed that a significant number of sexually active daughters are brought in by their NRI Punjabi parents for the procedure before marriage.


A Delhi-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Vijay Kakkar stated that his hospital receives a minimum of two to three patients monthly. He added that the number has increased by 25% since last year. He concluded, “the number of such incidents are exceeding with the increased acceptance of pre marital sexual intercoarse, however the cultural significance of virginity still prevails.”

Kakkar adds, ‘these women are aged between 20 to 30 years of age, while their lives have become a dilemma as they provide aliases to seek a remedy for their sexual needs, which are not an acceptable tradition in many cultures.”

Doctors agree that young women are not the only ones seeking hymenoplasty in India. Still, they have encountered middle-aged 40-year-old married women for such purposes too. For example, Dr. Bijal Parikh from Ahmedabad reported that a patient of his came for the procedure to gift her husband a resigned state of herself on their 20th anniversary in the United States.

Dr. V.D. Singh, a cosmetic surgeon from Chandigarh, stressed the same. He narrated the exact incidence of a patient with a similar purpose where the 42-year-old well-reputed woman wanted to give her virginity to her husband on her 45th birthday.

However, many cosmetic surgeons disagree with the pacing trend of hymenoplasty in India. Dr. Rashmi Taneja, a delhi cosmetic surgeon, added that “compared to other procedures like Orrhinoplasty or Liposuction, cases for hymenoplasty are quite rare – around two percent queries per year.” While Dr. Lokesh Kumar agreeably added, “I receive about only 5 to 6 hymenoplasty cases per year.”


Surgeons in Calcutta and Bangalore also supported the procedure’s minimal count since these operations are asked to be kept private and often not documented.

Dr. Jayanta Gupta, a gynecologist at the Apollo Gleneagles Hospital in Calcutta, says, “Since the generation has become more open to pre marital se and affairs, the count for such cases is quite low.”

Dr. D.S.A. Surindher, a surgeon at a Bangalore hospital, added to the same conversation, saying that since society has become more accepting towards premarital sex, “I have only received 5 cases in the last 5 years for hymenoplasty.”

How much does Hymenoplasty in India Cost?

Hymenoplasty in India can cost anywhere between Rs 15,000 and Rs 20,000. However, many surgeons may charge a fee as high as Rs 75,000 or up to Rs 1 lakh.

“The procedure is a simple one but since secrecy is involved many surgeons tend to charge more for it.” says Dr. Duru Shah, president of the Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies of India.

V.M. Plastic Surgery clinic in Chandigarh charges in dollars, i.e., $1200 converted to Indian rupees worth Rs 55,000, as listed on their website – a fact to be noted that the procedure is way lower than in the U.S. or the U.K.

The Ethical Debate

Women seem to be entirely satisfied and happy with the results.

“After separation from my husband, I went for hymenoplasty and started a new relationship. I want to feel “new’ and fresh and enjoy that experience with a new partner.” says Deepika Soni, a 37-year-old female who opted for the operation at Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi last year.

Women like Jayanti Shah (alias as per request), who used the procedure as an escape, are not well handling the life of deceit. “My husband is a simple man, I feel horrible and am sinking in guilt for pulling off a Sati savitri impression.”

Is hymenoplasty considered part of the same league as a nose job or a tummy tuck in ethical terms?

Research shows a study conducted in the Netherlands over 20 females who underwent the procedure revealed a positive response supporting the statement. However, at the same time, many found the study as conspiring and a threat to women’s psychology.

To our surprise, women activists consider it a stereotype as it focuses on the idea of a true virgin. But, they added, “There are far important matters to focus on to pay heap to the myth of virginity that links to a woman’s purity. Instead of focusing on restoring methods, educate them regarding such matters and how to deal with it.” says Illa Pathak, who heads the Ahmedabad Women Action Group.

However, doctors promote the idea believing it is not ethically disapproved since it’s popular in the West. Further arguments include that each woman has the right to feel happy and confident if the procedure is helping her, and she has complete freedom to focus on her wants and needs.

The Other Side

However, like every other perk, it, too, has a few consequences. “Complications include chances of developing infections in rare cases and even left over scar marks.” adds Dr. Taneja. She further included, “Hymen being a delicate tissue is more prone to immediate rupture soon after reconstruction therapy.”

Dr. Vidyamani Lingegowda, head of gynecology at Bangalore’s Nursing Home, focuses on a warning believing that the procedure should only be held under a skilled surgeon’s supervision as it can lead to fatal causes like fibrosis and Dyspareunia — pain during sexual intercourse.

The Simpler Solution

Although millions of women are opting for this remedy while unaware of cheaper options that can save them thousands of rupees, a do-it-yourself kit is being launched that is not yet popular in the market and is still in progress. It’s known as a hymen repairing kit.

So What Is the Hymen Repair Kit?

If you are a victim of lost virginity or hymen tissue tear by either choice or an accident, then fear no more! An ideal solution for you has been brought by a hymen repair kit which can help stop you from spending money on expensive surgical procedures.

If you dearly miss your tissue membrane, these hymen restoration kits and Hymen restoration Bundles will help you restore it with just a few easy steps. No, this is not a joke; this is a genuine alternative to end your misery more simply.

Hymenoplasty Surgeons Reaping Profits in India: The Business of Restoring Virginity
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