Hymenoplasty Guide – All You Want to Know First

Hymenoplasty Guide – All You Want to Know First

Hymenoplasty is one of the revirgination processes. The hymen is a thick pink-colored layer that covers your vagina. If your hymen is still intact, it means you are a virgin. But due to the damage of the hymen due to different reasons, you might need hymenoplasty. The grounds include vaginal intercourse, tampon use, sex toy use, sports, or physical injury.

Hymenoplasty is the process that includes sewing the torn tissues of your hymen back together to make you a virgin again. Hymenoplasty is often called hymenorrhaphy, hymen reconstruction, or only hymen surgery.

Before the surgery, the surgeon will ask you to quit smoking or stop using certain medicines. This is because the new hymen would be formed from the torn hymen and would also bleed when torn.

Hymenoplasty is often opted for by women who lose their virginity and are afraid to face the consequences—in most cultures, losing virginity before marriage is frowned upon. Moreover, in most customs and religions, the hymen is regarded as a symbol of virginity. Hence, a torn hymen would cause shame for the woman and her family.

The basic technique of hymenoplasty is to stitch back together the remains of the torn hymen. The patient undergoing hymenoplasty would be given local or general anesthesia; the surgeon would stitch back along with the torn parts. Hymen surgery usually takes thirty minutes to one hour.

The Alloplant technique is used when there are not enough remaining parts of the hymen available to sew back together. The surgeon then puts a biomaterial into your vagina that works as the hymen. The patient remains under the effect of local anesthesia during the surgery. This procedure lasts for approximately two hours.

In the hymen reconstruction technique, the new hymen is created by using the tissues of your vaginal lips. However, the surgeon will ask you to abstain from sexual intercourse for almost three months after the hymen’s surgery.

There are always side effects to all sorts of surgery, including hymenoplasty. There is still a chance of getting an infection; the possibility of anesthesia risks is also there; there can be discoloration of your hymen, bleeding, numbness, bruising, etc. Hymen over-correction can also occur; it happens when the opening to the vagina becomes too narrow that it could cause excruciating pain while having sexual intercourse for the first time after the surgery.

Typically, the patient undergoing hymen surgery needs 24 – 48 hours of rest. Therefore, it is best if the patient starts doing moderate activities after ten days, at least. Also, the patient should not carry heavy weight. Moreover, the patient will be asked to take antibiotics so the operation wound can heal soon.

You can take a bath after two or three days of the surgery. To ease pain and swelling, you can use ice packs. Do not have sexual intercourse, for at least eight weeks, after the surgery. And if you are still experiencing pain while performing sexual intercourse after eight months, visit your doctor immediately.

A Safer Option

If you’re someone who’s not the knife’s best friend, you might want to dodge the surgery. In that case, several revirgination products will be a better alternative. The most popular in the digital market is the hymen repair kit. It comes with two capsules, one for practice and one for when you’re ready. These capsules can be inserted into the vagina, and the contents are released to form an artificial hymen with artificial and safe blood-like fluid. Choose the most suitable option for you by looking at our variety of hymen restoration kits and extensive Hymen restoration Bundles, as they will not put your health in any danger and give you high-impact results.

These alternatives have worked for women. Regardless of your purpose, this may be what you’re looking for instead of surgery.

Hymenoplasty Guide – All You Want to Know First
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