Hymenoplasty Cost – It Works but Is It Worth It?

Hymenoplasty Cost – It Works but Is It Worth It?

Hymenoplasty is a procedure that has gained recognition in the recent past because of its relative success rate. It has especially gained popularity in particularly conservative communities around the world where women are involved in pre-marital sex. Hymenoplasty is the surgical reattachment of hymen resulting in the rejuvenation of virginity.

Can hymenoplasty cost a lot? It can, both in the financial and physiological sense. While it is not an elaborate procedure, it requires the expertise of a certified surgeon in this area as one wrong stitch can prove fatal at times. The area to be operated is susceptible, and recovery from the pain can prove to be quite tricky in the days following the operation, which is done under local anesthesia. Hymenoplasty cost has also risen in recent times owing to the complexity of the procedure. Many women also suffer psychologically due to the pressures involved in undertaking such an operation.

Despite the hymenoplasty cost, in many cases, women have reported that the results did not match their expectations. In many cases, their partners have been able to reveal the real situation with their hymen, which can be embarrassing and also deadly in some communities where brides are beheaded if not found virgin on the wedding night. Moreover, some women have complained about the after-effects of such surgery as it has affected their sexual lives. The average hymenoplasty cost including surgery, anesthesia, fee and follow up fees can total up to a staggering $9,000- $10,000. This cost is not inclusive of the cost of inconvenience, pain, swelling, bruising, risk of infection, and prolonged bleeding. It takes anywhere around 4 to 6 weeks to heal from the procedure entirely.

In many cases, women may not even be able to be eligible for the treatment due to genital or venereal diseases. Long term complications like the narrowing of the vaginal hole may follow the surgery, making future intercourse nearly impossible. Furthermore, in many countries, it is not entirely legal to get this procedure done.

Why shouldn’t there be a more natural way to solve this age-old problem? After all, this problem is not new, and to believe that hymenoplasty is the only real solution out there would be a fool’s idea. Surely there are easier, less painful options out there that can be availed. Research has proven methods to alleviate this condition efficiently and painlessly.

One of many reliable options is the hymen repair kit that is a hit with women of all ages irrespective of their preferred solutions. Hymen repair kit allows women to heal the membrane and bring back the hymen that can let them bleed in future intercourse. Compared to hymenoplasty cost, it is a very cost-effective option at one-twentieth the price. You can click, buy, insert, and bam: virginity restored. The next intercourse will have you smearing blood on your sheets. It is not only very convenient but also saves you the pain of the whole process. Sex becomes a much rosier subject as the pill dissolves itself in the process and takes care of all your smearing needs. Look through one of our hymen restoration kits and Extensive Hymen restoration Bundles for the best option for you.

Hymenoplasty Cost – It Works but Is It Worth It?
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