How to Repair Hymen at Home?

How to Repair Hymen at Home?

The world of Hymen reconstructions is a thriving economy that preys on sexual repression, cultural distress, and medical ignorance. While several surgeons have developed methods to restore a torn hymen surgically, the procedure requires investing an amount in an operation that stitches the two ends of the walls of the vagina. Although the surgical process takes about half an hour, it takes time for the patient to regulate sexual activities as usual after at least 60-90 days. Moreover, most insurance companies do not cover the cost of hymenoplasty.

An alternative to undergoing surgery to restore the hymen in a more straightforward, more cost-effective way that can repair the hymen at home is the use of hymen repair kits. These let women fake their first time every time they have sex. Being easily accessible and affordable, hymen repair kits are a choice for many women who want to repair their hymen at home. Most artificial hymens in these kits come wrapped in natural plastic envelopes containing a small amount of red dye used as fake blood.

All you must do is insert the plastic envelope (or, in some cases, a pill) into your vagina at least fifteen minutes before the sexual activity. The natural sections in the vagina combined with your partner’s thrusting will start breaking down the plastic, providing a similar effect of bleeding while having sexual intercourse the first time.

It must be kept in mind that hymen repair kits are not designed to replace the hymen but give a temporary solution and a quick fix to the problems as they repair the hymen for a short time during sexual intercourse. They provide many fake types of blood and imitate the first sexual experience.

Other than our hymen restoration kits and Extensive Hymen restoration Bundles, which are the quickest and most effective to repair your hymen at home, a few lifestyle changes, such as a healthy, balanced diet and pelvic exercises, are recommended by professionals to repair damaged hymen at home. Gooseberries rich in vitamin C are a great natural source for hymen repair as they can help with vaginal tightening. Found in most vaginal gels, this powerful ingredient must be boiled in water before applying it as a liquid to the vagina.

Similarly, oak gall, also known as an oak apple, can be used as a soothing lubricant by grinding it in the form of a paste and applying it directly on vaginal walls. Kegel exercises can also help repair the hymen by tightening the vaginal walls. A combination of yoga and Kegel exercises helps strengthen and contract the pelvic muscles if repeated a day thrice. Exercise alone doesn’t always help. If combined with a healthy diet, it can ensure the correction of hymen growth and aid the repair process. Consuming carbohydrates, organic and lean protein from animal sources, and organic fruits and vegetables in your daily diet can also help you in this regard. It is also essential to keep your stress levels in control, as anxiety and depression can negatively impact your overall health and slow down the process of hymen repair.

How to Repair Hymen at Home?
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