How Much Does Hymenoplasty Cost in India?

How Much Does Hymenoplasty Cost in India?

Medical tourism is exceeding in India day by day as the international patients keep on visiting the country for the treatment or cosmetic procedures. Different surgical procedures are higher in demands, especially hymenoplasty. Do you wonder how much does hymenoplasty cost in India? Well, one of the reasons for the increase in medical tourism in India is the affordability of medical procedures like hymenoplasty. Hymenoplasty is also known as hymenorrhaphy or hymen repair procedure.

As the name suggests, this surgery is carried out to repair or reconstruct the broken hymen. Preserving virginity before marriage is very much preferred in most of the cultures of the world. Different backgrounds and countries are very conservative about the virginity of an unmarried woman. People of such a narrow mindset believe that the virginity of a woman is a gift for her husband. The new bride is supposed to bleed on her wedding night because it marks the new beginning of the newlywed couple.

The women involved in premarital sex are considered immoral and they are ridiculed and alienated in society. That is why it becomes a necessity for the non-virgin women to get back their virginity or else they will not be considered a part of the society. Hymenoplasty is one of the few resorts for these women to regain their virginity. It is one of the revirgination procedures.

People must be curious to know how much does hymenoplasty cost in India? Hymenoplasty is not only opted by international patients but also by the natives. Like most of the countries, in some parts of India, the Virginity of an unmarried woman is very much preferred. The Indian girls do not want to bring shame to themselves or their families, so they go for hymenoplasty. It is comparatively less expensive in India than in the USA or any European country.

The price of the surgery varies from different clinics and hospitals, some of these medical centers do a remarkable job than the others. But normally the price of hymenoplasty is $1000. It can be more depending on the surgeon, facility or the city where the surgery will take place. India lures the international patients to come here because of the affordability of the revirgination procedures like hymenoplasty and also because of the quality of their medical treatments. The Indian surgeons, after the procedure, instruct the patients to take complete bed rest and refrain from doing the heavy lifting, horse riding or sports.

Hymenoplasty is one of the most popular revirgination procedure but like all the surgical procedures, there are some side effects to hymenoplasty like dizziness, itchiness, unbearable pain, unusual bleeding, discoloration of the hymen or numbness. Hymenoplasty offers a great chance of contracting various infections. The procedure usually takes 40 – 50 minutes and sometimes more than an hour or two.

Different revirgination products can help you in regaining your virginity. These products do not risk your sexual health and are highly effective. These products do not cost much and you can easily use them at home. As compared to hymenoplasty, the revirgination products like artificial hymen kit , hymen pills kit and vaginal tightening gel kit are safer, cheaper, less risky and less time-consuming.

How Much Does Hymenoplasty Cost in India?
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