How Much Does Hymenoplasty Cost and Should You?

How Much Does Hymenoplasty Cost and Should You?

The cost of Hymenoplasty largely depends on the health facility which offers such procedures. In addition, the type of surgery and country determines cost variations. A thing to keep in mind is that the overall cost of such a surgical procedure is not usually covered by insurance companies, as in most cases, it falls under the label of a cosmetic treatment.

In America, the estimated cost of Hymenoplasty ranges from five thousand to nine thousand dollars, including the operational price, anesthesia, facility fee, and other pre- and post-operative appointments. Therefore, one should plan their treatment ahead of time to have an estimate of the cost and save up for it. In developing countries like India, such a procedure in public hospitals costs around fourteen to fifteen thousand Indian rupees. 

In contrast, the cost for the same process in private hospitals exceeds sixty thousand Indian rupees. As far as Pakistan is concerned, the cost of this surgical procedure ranges from Rs. 85000 to Rs 150,000 in big cities like Lahore. This cost of Hymenoplasty is considered competitive in the towns because of excessive competition and demand in these regions. Moreover, several clinics offer a free consultation for the hymen to recover. With new technological methods kicking in, free online consultation is also available, which can be done in a matter of minutes by filling in a short online form. 

The surgical procedure can last anywhere from twenty minutes to two hours. Once the surgery is over, patients are advised to refrain from sex from the following three to six weeks. Other than women, who want to give their partners a new experience during sexual intercourse, many rape victims opt for such surgical procedures. Some NGOs in this regard fund these processes as girls being raped come from cultures in which virginity carries significant historical and traditional importance. 

In many households, women cannot afford hymen surgery and opt for cheaper alternatives. For instance, capsules under $10 can be bought are inserted into the vagina, which helps release blood during sexual intercourse. In addition, herbal medicines that are not so costly are also marketed as risk-free and are completely harmless for the regeneration of the hymen.

Some clinics determine the price of Hymenoplasty after an initial examination. Clinics in developing countries like the middle east, India, and Pakistan are trying to reduce their rates so that patients may avail of possible benefits right away. Many hymenoplasty techniques are used by these clinics tailored to the patient’s needs. With some methods, there is guaranteed more bleeding during the first intercourse. However, all of them are undetectable and scarless. Most surgeons claim that the results are visible after at least twelve days of surgery. Some of the techniques offered for surgical methods of hymen regeneration include Simplified Hymenoplasty, ATSM Hymenoplasty, TSM Hymenoplasty, 3D, 7D, and Ultra 7D Hymenoplasty.

No matter how successful, in some cases post the surgical procedure, patients experience slight pain and blood mixed with discharge. For pain-free, easy-to-use, and affordable options, women considering hymen repair can also go for more high-impact opportunities like hymen repair products such as artificial hymen kits, hymen pills kits, and vaginal tightening gel kits.

How Much Does Hymenoplasty Cost and Should You?
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