How Much Does Hymen Repair Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Hymen Repair Surgery Cost?

Hymen repair surgery is a simple procedure that takes place in an outpatient clinic under the effect of local anesthesia. The procedure aims to restore the torn hymen tissue via a stitching process. Women who have had an active sexual life before marriage or have been victims of sexual violence may opt for this procedure. Women, who wish to undergo this procedure often face a query: How much does hymen repair surgery cost?

How much does hymen repair surgery cost?

This procedure is often a case of secrecy since many women do not want to disclose their identity for their honor and dignity. And since this procedure requires a privacy clause, doctors often aim to charge more for it. However, the range can vary in regions, states, and clinics and in terms of how invasive the procedure gets. Although, for the well-being of patients, many clinics have reduced the price to make it affordable for all women out there who are opting for this method for either cultural or religious purposes.

How much does hymen repair surgery cost in developing countries?

The cost of this process can vary for different places and regions around the globe. For example, it can range from $500 to $1200 in most developing countries, while private clinics can charge you up to $5000 or even $9000 as per the services provided in the region.

How much does hymen repair surgery cost in the U.S.?

The average hymen repair cost in the United States begins at $3000 and can range up to $15,000. However, you need to know that the government will not bear the cost of this procedure, although you can always opt for financial plans under the current health insurance. In Dallas, Texas, the price is less high as it tops only $9,000 and begins at $5000.

How much does hymen repair surgery cost in the U.K.?

The United Kingdom has a Cosmetic surgery clinic focusing on the hymen-repairing process. The clinics are located in Manchester and Glasgow and can cost around 2,000 pounds while ensuring complete privacy and secrecy terms.

How much does hymen repair surgery cost in India?

Surgeons in India have made the procedure more affordable for women due to its increased demand. It can quickly start with a minimum of Rs 15,000 and last till Rs 20,000. However, Some might charge you thrice, for instance, Rs 75,000 or sometimes even Rs 1 lakh, because of privacy concerns.

A Plastic Surgery clinic in Chandigarh works differently by charging in dollars. The cost is around 55,000 in rupees form, which is ten times lower than that of the U.K. or the U.S.

We have a list of how much hymen repair surgery costs in other countries for you to evaluate and choose the best possible option.

  • Sri Lanka: 300 – 400 Sri Lankan Rupees
  • Ukraine: 500 Ukrainian hryvnia
  • Thailand, Turkey, and Greece charge the same ranges from 1,000-1500 in their respective currencies.
  • Hungary: 2,000 Hungarian Forint
  • Poland: 3,000 Polish Zloty.
  • Australia: 3,000 Australian dollars

You can always opt for non-invasive procedures like an artificial hymen kithymen pills kit, and vaginal tightening gel kit if you are uncomfortable with surgical repair.


How Much Does Hymen Repair Surgery Cost?
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