How Long Does Hymenoplasty Last?

How Long Does Hymenoplasty Last?

Hymenoplasty is also known as hymenorrhaphy or hymen repair surgery. It is a surgical procedure in which the torn hymen is restored. The broken pieces of the hymen are cut away and the remaining tissues of the hymen are sewn back together.

The person undergoing hymenoplasty is given a dose of anesthesia first. Then the procedure is started in which the surgeon repairs the broken hymen. How long does hymenoplasty last? The procedure takes 30 – 50 minutes. Sometimes it can take more than an hour if there are no or less remaining tissues of the hymen.

The patient may feel a slight pain in the vaginal area as a result of the surgery. She will be asked to take bed rest for almost two weeks. After two weeks she will be able to carry heavy weights but it will take almost six to seven weeks to fully recover from the surgery wound.

The patients undergoing the surgery are advised to refrain from putting anything inside there vagina. Hymenoplasty is considered one of the revirgination procedures, so you should not be putting anything inside your vagina as it will tear off your newly constructed hymen and then your revirgination will be a lost cause.

You will need time to recover from the surgery wound but it is said that once you are healed, you will not be able to recognize the wound mark, your vaginal area will be as good as new.

Your newly built hymen is supposed to break when you will have sexual intercourse. That is the whole point of going through the surgery. You want to be a virgin again for your husband-to-be. It is important to you that you bleed on your wedding night, and do not worry, you will bleed when the new hymen will be torn as it is made up of tissues. It will also hurt when it will be torn through penis penetration.

How long does hymenoplasty last? The answer is very obvious and simple. It will last until you will have sexual intercourse for the first time after the surgery, or until you put something like tampon, finger, and sex toy inside your vagina. It is most likely that it will last until your wedding night because that was the ultimate reason for getting hymenoplasty.

Bear in mind that hymenoplasty occurs with a great cost, not just it costs you financially but also health-wise. There is always a risk of getting an infection. There are other different side effects of the surgery including excruciating pain, unusual or foul-smelling discharge, unusual bleeding, itchiness, dizziness or inflammation. Hymenoplasty is also very time consuming and it does not even give a total guarantee that it works. Many things could go wrong during or after the surgery.

The revirgination surgeries should be your last resort as it can be very risky. Different revirgination products guarantee to work effectively. The hymen restoration kit is one of those products – easy to use, affordable and very effective


How Long Does Hymenoplasty Last?
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