How is Hymen Repair Done?

How is Hymen Repair Done?

Hymen reconstruction or hymen repair can be done in several surgical and non-surgical ways. Hymen repair surgery also referred to as Hymenorrhaphy, is a temporary hymen repair process that involves the use of sutures fixing the tear in the hymen caused by intense physical activity, loss of virginity or sexual assault. As part of the surgical procedure, the flap of the vaginal lining is used for creating a new hymen. Even though such procedures are not considered to be part of mainstream gynecology, they are available in many plastic centers throughout the United States, Middle East, Western Europe, and South Korea.

Hymenoplasty aims to not only fix the membrane but also cause bleeding during the phase of post-nuptial intercourse. For some cultures, this is a pre-marriage requirement as they consider proof of virginity highly important.

Being a cosmetic procedure, hymenoplasty also focuses on how appealing the hymen is once the operation is performed. A membrane is created under the surgical operation which often includes a gelatin capsule consisting of artificial blood-like substance. The operation is often performed under local anesthesia and involves excision of the torn hymen edges before stitching them with dissolvable sutures.

A standard medical exam with a medical and surgical history of the patient precedes hymenoplasty. The process starts by giving a dose of antibiotics to the patient and placing her in a lithotomy position with her legs abducted and hips flexed bilaterally. The area must be prepped with Betadine solution before the operation. The torn pieces of hymen and incision are continued in remnants just below the urethral orifice which results in the creation of two layers. Next, the inner and outer layers are stitched using catgut. Once that is done, only a small hole is left in the hymen for menstrual bleeding and other vaginal sections just below the urethral orifice.

After the operation, no dressing required, only a Neosporin ointment is applied over the suture line. During the post-operation period, patients that feel sensitivity are advised to clean the area with warm water and frequently apply the ointment. In the case of pain, analgesic tablets such as Metronidazole and Ofloxacin are given for a period of five to seven days.

A new technique which is known as super-hymenoplasty also repairs hymen. This is an advanced form of surgery through which patients can expect more bleeding during their first sexual act as compared to hymenoplasty. Some patients who opt for plain hymenoplasty while getting hymen repair done complain that the procedure only results in a couple of blood drops which is not enough to satisfy them or their partners. With the technique of super-hymen however, more bleeding is destined to occur.

After the surgical procedure, some patients experience slight pain and blood mixed with discharge. For painless and affordable options, women considering hymen repair can also go for more natural options like hymen repair products such as artificial hymen kit , hymen pills kit and vaginal tightening gel kit.

How is Hymen Repair Done?
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