Alternatives to Hymen Repair Surgery

Alternatives to Hymen Repair Surgery

Hymenoplasty, which is a type of plastic surgery that aims to restore the structural identity of the hymen, is a popular means for fixing ruptured hymen. There are similar treatments and several alternatives available for Hymen Repair surgery. The hymen is prone to risk due to sexual activities, sports that have a high impact, menstrual irregularities, and accidents that can cause damage to the hymen. Though the rupturing of hymen does not always result in significant damage in terms of infection or gynecological function, women still opt for getting it treated. Treatments other than surgery that are available out there for women, which are equally effective and may provide a cost-benefit, include the following.

  1. Laser rejuvenation:

This cosmetic treatment, also known as an LVR or Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation, offers a solution for hymen repair by rejuvenating torn hymen and is quite popular in developed states like the US. LVR cannot be considered a restorative process as it does not claim that the hymen will restore to its precise form. Through laser treatment, the hymen, along with the entire vaginal opening, is systematically tightened. Unlike the Hymen Repair surgery, no surgical tools are used during LVR.

  1. Pelvic floor exercises: 

Pelvic floor exercises or yoga is also an alternative for hymen surgery. These core strengthening exercises help in the tightening of vaginal or pelvic muscles, which may eventually lead up to more enjoyable sex. To strengthen the pelvic muscles, these exercises have to be part of a daily routine. Core strengthening comes if you sit in a comfortable position and squeeze the muscles tightly for at least ten to fifteen minutes in a row.

  1. Artificial Hymen Kit:

Using an artificial hymen-repair kit that contains a folded translucent membrane gelatin (blood-like paste) is also a safe and cost-effective option woman can go for if they don’t want to undergo surgery. These kits contain prosthetic membranes and can restore virginity in less than 5 minutes. They are relatively easy to use and are available online.

  1. Artificial Hymen pills:

The use of artificial hymen pills contains blood like pate which dissolves in the vagina before the intercourse. Not only it can also spice up sex life but also provides a meaningful alternative for hymen surgery by restoring conditions and bringing back the initial experience of sexual intimacy. Women who are intimidated by the idea of going under the knife can still achieve secrecy and confidence in marriage by the use of such medication. Hymen gels are also available to aid this process.

The hymen, in order to be repaired, must undergo some form of treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, as it cannot grow back or regenerate on its own. One of the most straightforward solutions for hassle-free, non-surgical hymen repair is an artificial hymen that consists of self-dissolving cellulose filled with special powder identical to that of the human blood. The artificial hymen has to be inserted a finger deep in the vagina 20 minutes before a sexual intercourse so that the right amount of blood emerges at the right moment. Such produce is not only cheap but safe and uncomplicated to use.

Alternatives to Hymen Repair Surgery
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