All about Cleaning the VJJ and Vaginal Soaps

All about Cleaning the VJJ and Vaginal Soaps

VJJ (va-jay-jay) is a slang word for ‘vagina.’ It was first introduced in the popular TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Now, speaking of ‘the vagina’ and ‘anatomy,’ let’s go over the anatomy of the vagina; it is a muscular tube that extends from the inside of your body (cervix) to the outside. It is typically 6 or 7 inches long, and its walls are coated with mucous membranes. The outer part of the vagina is termed the ‘vulva.’ Vulva constitutes clitoris, clitoral hood and vaginal lips (inner and outer labia).

Obviously, ‘how to clean your vagina’ does not imply how to clean the ‘inside’ of your vagina. Remember, you should never wash the inside of your vagina as it can lead to complicated problems and also because it can clean itself naturally. The good bacteria inside your vagina keep its environment at the correct or average pH level and produce secretions that are good for maintaining health. The pH of your vagina is a bit acidic, which helps kill harmful bacteria. So good bacteria fight bad bacteria for your health. Do not risk washing the inside of your vagina with soaps, gels, sprays, or even water, as it can disturb the good bacteria. It can lead to severe issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, inflammation, or irritation. The inside of your vagina does not need your help cleaning itself; it can do its job perfectly. So you leave it alone!

So the question, ‘how to clean your vagina?’ means ‘how to wash your vulva?’. Let’s focus on its answer, and that is, using soap is not necessary. Still, if the soap will not cause any allergic reaction, you can use it mildly. Washing your vulva with warm water is much more appropriate. You can spread your vaginal lips apart and smoothly clean the area with your hands or a soft washcloth. Furthermore, you should clean your anus and the region between your vulva and anus daily. The best advice is to wash your vulva first and then your anus, as there is a possibility that bacteria inside your anus can travel to your vagina and cause different infections.

As per Mayo Clinic’s opinion, there is no need for you to wash your vulva with soap. But if you want soap, ensure it is not scented, as it will irritate inside and outside your vulva. You can use soaps that are unscented, colorless, and mild. Vaginal soaps can be used for ultimate cleansing.

There are various feminine washes and sprays at supermarkets, and their label claims that their product helps clean the vagina and lessen the odor of the vagina. You do not need these products; you do need no need for you to make it smell like a meadow or a rose garden. These products are only a means to scam women who are insecure about their bodies, especially their private parts and how they smell. You are not supposed to use scented products; they are not good, whether it be soaps, sprays, or washes. Remember that such products can irritate your vulva and vagina.

It is entirely normal to have a vagina smell. No other person can detect it unless they are very near your vagina; that is no reason to freak out. All the vaginas have an odor, and that is perfectly normal. The smell of the vagina varies from person to person; it can be sweet or coppery. Your menstrual cycle or your diet can be the cause of change in the smell of your vagina.

If your vagina has a smell that you cannot stand, you need to go to a doctor. However, the pungent or unpleasant smell of a vagina is not typical, so it is better to consult someone who provides healthcare.

The discharge from your vagina is very normal. However, the color of the vaginal discharge can tell you whether there is something to worry about. Usually, the color of vaginal discharge is white, light yellow, clear, and sticky. These are the characteristic signs that your vagina is completely normal and functioning. Such vaginal discharge is a natural lubrication produced by your vagina to keep it moist and healthy. Ovulation can also result in the production of clear and white discharge.

If the color of your vaginal discharge is yellow or causes pain, irritation, spotting, burning sensation, or any other disturbing symptoms, immediately visit a doctor.

The reddish-brown discharge from your vagina indicates that you are menstruating. During menstruation, you can use water to wash your vagina. If you think it would still smell, you can wash it two or three times a day. However, it is better not to use vagina soaps during your period as it might cause an allergic reaction.

Vaginal douching is when water and another substance or a mixture of substances are added to your vagina to clean the vagina. Sometimes the water is mixed with vinegar, baking soda, or iodine. The mixture is then squirted or sprayed into the vagina. Douching can appear as one of the answers to ‘how to clean your vagina.’ But remember that douching does not work; it causes health risks. It is very unsafe to try douching.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists does not recommend douching for women. They believe the vagina is naturally designed to protect itself from all sorts of infections and diseases. In addition, the good bacteria inside the vagina maintain the suitable pH for the vagina and make it immune to different conditions and vaginal diseases. Douching can disturb the performance of these bacteria, ultimately leading to other serious problems.

One study conducted in 2008 showed that the women who frequently practiced douching before pregnancy were more prone to giving birth to premature babies. Another study conducted in 2016 revealed that the practitioners of douching are more likely to get infected by the human papillomavirus (HPV). In a nutshell, douching is a weapon for destroying your reproduction system. In addition, it can lead to different reproductive-system-related complications:

  • Infections
  • Pregnancy problems
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Cervicitis

In 2015, vaginal streaming became very popular after the American actress Gwyneth Paltrow spoke in favor of this method. Vaginal streaming is when certain herbs are soaked in hot water; then, you sit over that water so the steam can enter your vagina. It is believed that vaginal streaming cleanses the vagina and helps eliminate menstrual cramps and bloating. Although this method was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes, it has resurfaced in the last few years in spas. The goal is to maintain the hygiene of the reproductive system.

However, no scientific evidence proves that vaginal streaming is excellent or valuable. So it would be a bad idea to try the vaginal method just because someone recommended it to you or you came across this on the internet while looking for ‘how to clean your vagina.’

Hot steaming can easily hurt the sensitive tissues making up your vagina. The herbs used in hot water can also cause miscarriage. Moreover, it can upset the pH or general environment of the vagina, which can ultimately become the root cause of infections and other complications. Let the good bacteria do their work. They are good at it only if you do not disturb them.

How to clean your vagina or keep it healthy with your help?” you ask. It is not a very hard job to do. However, to keep your vagina and vulva healthy, there are certain things you can do.

After using the toilet, wash the front first, then the rear. If you do otherwise, the bacteria in your anus can enter your vagina and cause different vaginal complications. The same is the case for performing sexual activity. Whatever goes into your anus should not be entered into your vagina. During masturbation or sex, try not to put toys, fingers, penises, and tongue into your vagina if they already have been in your anus. If you have already put these things inside your anus, wash them properly before putting them inside your vagina.

An excellent precaution to steer clear of germs is to pee after sex. Peeing removes all the germs that might have entered inside or near your urinary tract while having sex. However, if you forget to pee after having sex, there are chances that you might contract a urinary tract infection (UTI). It can be treated, but this infection will put you in so much pain.

Always check the ingredients of the products that you use for your vagina. For example, you can use tampons, lube, and condoms but ensure they are not scented.

Always wear cotton underwear as it does not cause a rash or damage to your skin. In addition, breathable cotton underwear helps in reducing moisture. Changing into a new pair is preferable after a day or two. Immediately remove the damp underwear, or it may cause a rash. Avoid wearing tights or pants for a longer time, as it traps heat and moisture inside and produces irritation around your vulva. It is best to sleep without underwear; cotton boxers are better at night.

Immediately remove the damp clothes, be it your swimming suit, rain-soaked dress, or gym suit, and get out of them as soon as possible. The harmful bacteria favor the wet environment, so it is better not to provide them inside or outside your body.

There are specific reasons why you should pay a visit to a doctor;

If you experience pain while masturbating, having sex, or urinating

If your vagina has a foul or pungent smell

If there is soreness, spotting, or blisters around your genitalia

If the color of your vaginal discharge is grey, green, or dark yellow

If there is persistent itching around your vagina

If you are bleeding from your vagina without any apparent reason

It is wise to see the doctor if you are experiencing anything unusual around or inside your vagina.

Vagina soaps are sometimes recommended for the hygiene of the vagina. The vagina soap, which we call Purity Soap, contains ingredients less likely to cause irritation or any allergic reaction and is prescribed by doctors. In addition, the components of these vagina soaps are usually sulfate-free.

The ingredients used in vagina soaps are healthy for the vagina and vulva and do not affect the skin in any way. The Vagina Purity Soap is a vagina soap that ensures the health and hygiene of your vagina. Its price is only $39.95.

All about Cleaning the VJJ and Vaginal Soaps
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